notes for class 3

4 Nov. 2020

Topic: the tank

What? the tank was a weapon nicknamed ‘mobile water tank’

Who? Britain

Where? At the battle of the Somme

When? On 15 September 1916

Why? To break the stalemate of the Battle of the Somme



the history of English

1) the Anglo-Saxons






English: economic sectors 1 – agriculture/farming 2 industry/manufacturing (industrial sector) 3 services 4 advanced (IT – information technology) jobs: baker (to bake) mechanic (to repair engines, to keep them running) carpenter (to make or fix wooden objects) waiter ( to serve food and drink) journalist (to report news) builder (to build or fix …. lay brick)


Have you ever visited Iceland?


+ I have passed my exams. S+have/has + past participle (participio passato)

passed = pass + ed (verbi regolari)

He has broken the window. (break = broken – verbi irregolari)

win – won – won – london – take – took – taken


she hasn’t won the match   

you haven’t listened to me


has she cooked the burgers?

Have you read the news?

video: contraption (machines made for fun) – to work – fun/funny – strange/weird/odd