notes for class 1ame

26 Oct. 2020

vocabulary: life events

birth(nascita), birthday (compleanno), I was born (sono nato)

marriage (matrimonio), wedding (matrimonio come cerimonia), get married (sposarsi), get divorced (divorziare)

to die (morire), dead (morto), alive (vivo), death (morte)

you/we/they have – you’ve got, we’ve got, they’ve got

He/she/it has – He’s got/she’s got/it’s got

haven’t – don’t have

hasn’t – doesn’t have

3) genitivo sassone si usa quando il possessore è una persona:

Alessandro’s desk (sing.)

the students’ desks (plurale)

America’s national parks

today’s newspaper

the dentist’s

At Joe’s


– England (London) – Wales (Cardiff) – Scotland (Edinburgh) – Northern Ireland (Belfast)

– UK’s capital city = London

– island (Great Britain, Ireland)

the Channel, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean

England: – university city – seaside town – to crumble – rope – cliff

in the north/sou

have a good/nice day = …

– I’m …. years old

– My hobbies are video games and sport/ My hobby is football….

-My favourite drink is Red Bull…/

I like /enjoy/love playing …

– I go to Lampertico school because I like mechanics/Maths/ technical drawing …