notes for class 1ami

20 Oct. 2020

vocabulary: family words

1) MALE:


3) BOTH:

he – she – it has/hasn’t (got)

have/has + S + got?

3) genitive ‘s

– London (the UK/England)- (capital city) – Edinburgh (Scotland) – Cardiff (Wales) – Belfast (Northern Ireland)

islands = Britain + Ireland

– the Channel / the North Sea/ the Atlantic Ocean

The Union Jack = the UK’s flag (3 flags) England= pier, seaside town, university city, country village, the coast, rope, cliff, fisherman


Anything else? =

Just looking =

Nice/Pleased to meet you =

Thanks. And the same to you. =


student. = perchè (solo risposte)

which videogame do you like, Minecraft or Call of Duty? = (quale, solo per scegliere)

whose phone is this? = di chi

video: lake – great lake – surfing – wave – plane


– who are you? = chi

How old are you? = quanti anni

How are you? = come

what kind of music do you like? = che tipo di

– video: the world’s tallest waterfall


– My hobbies are video games and sport/ My hobby is football….

-My favourite drink is Red Bull…/

I like /enjoy/love playing

– I go to Lampertico school because I like mechanics/Maths/ technical drawing …







back to school

covid-19 – coronavirus + disease (malattia)


safety rules

1 wear a mask

2 wash your hands with hand gel

3 keep your distance

17 September 2020

Topic: this is me

native speaker

my name’s …./I’m …

My favourite …. is ….

My hobbies are …

I like …

I go to Lampertico school because …